Saturday, September 13, 2008

Road signs

Dear readers,

I think road signs should serve the locals and the visitors. Hence they should be understood by them using local language or the language most people understand. Not too crowded with many non important things, but if the case need be, those cosmetic addition must be writen in smaller font size. In the case of our country, using Bahasa Malaysia is good enough!.. no need Mandarin, no need Tamil, since BM is our national language, then every citizen must know, or deemed to understand BM. Yes , oly BM written in our official scrip , i.e., Rumi ( Latin) script!. Some overzealous Malays want to add Jawi script to the road signs , why? need at all!. it is the same things! but by so doing , we open to the other Malaysians the opportunity to demand their scripts to be added know many of them think that the jawi script is Arabic, or why do we use that!!! ....Hi Malays wake up, do not do things as if Malaysia belongs to you only...please 'fight' from the position of strength..we can use Jawi at the appropriate many places.....why on the road signs know what I mean..

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